game of pheromone attraction

If she said that she wasn’t ready to have sex because you just met, the belief could be MANY things, such as: sex should be done only after a while because I’m not a slut or you won’t value her as gf material, or she doesn’t want to get pregnant by a stranger by accident. Basically, you have no idea what the root belief is, you can try to target it but it’s a hit or miss game of pheromone attraction. So instead? You put her into the emotional state of high arousal and intimacy- the state that would make her rationalize to herself why it’s the right thing to do – p.s. you are always putting her into the state that you’re in, so if this is happening to you than CHANGE YOUR STATE of pheromones! If she’s really validated by you at this point (well.. this situation wouldn’t probably have occurred for you if she was, but let’s say you weren’t sexual enough – not in the right state) you need to get her onto a different emotional basis that causes her to rationalize her actions for herself with natural pheromones. (More common than you think.) If a woman suddenly goes radio silent, it’s okay. Relax. Wait 24 hours and send her one more brief , new message ending with a new question. If you don’t get a response to this , cross her off the list and move on. There are many other cute women on the site/app. Learn more at Don’t worry about it. If you take this kind of thing personally, if you freak out every time some hot babe who was sort of into you suddenly stops responding to your messages, then it’s going to be a long, painful road for you. If you’re following the system outlined in this book, it’s perfectly alright. Most women will bail. Some won’t. Focus on the ones who don’t. Those are the ones you’re going to have dates with (and hopefully, sex and relationships too). Don’t Get Discouraged by the Number of Ugly or Overweight Women You See Many guys who are new to online dating will sign up at an online dating site, particularly a free one, start clicking around, and then be horrified by the sheer number of unattractive women they see. They then assume that “all the girls on here are ugly” and often leave the site completely. Most dating sites and apps are diamond-in-the-rough scenarios. This means there are lots of ugly and/or overweight women on them (though there are exceptions to this, like the sugar daddy sites, which we will cover later, though even with those there are other roadblocks). There are also a decent amount of average looking women, and some very attractive ones. Don’t get emotional about the ugly women when there are still plenty of attractive women on the site for you to message and possibly date. Somehow I doubt you walk around your local mall and say, “Wow! Look at all the ugly girls here! There are NO hot women here! I’m going home!” Online dating works the same way. Most of the women on any given site or app are unattractive, but there are still plenty of hot ones as long as you search around enough (provided you’re following rule number 2 and putting in the numbers). Learn more at and